Skydive Marriage Proposal

Skydiver Marriage Proposal

Tandem skydive on your Marriage Propsal day to remember the day in more ways than normal. Add a skydive to the extreme marriage proposal
Most methods of popping the question have become too cliché to make an impact. However, if you were to offer a skydive marriage proposal, their breath would likely get stolen away.
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Extreme Skydiver Proposal

Wedding skydivers are thrilled to be a part of a really special occasion. Skydiving to mark the wedding day is great feeling.

Skydive Marriage Proposal

While skydiving proposal ideas are not new, it still is not a common practice for many. However, the perfect skydiving engagement has much to get planned before proposing, and you need experienced instructors helping you.
Skydiving Parys offers quality aircrafts, educated professionals, and affordable skydiving prices to ensure that your proposal remains its best. We continue providing quality skydiving Johannesburg adventures to many visitors and residents throughout the year, keeping you safe during your most extreme shared experience yet.

Combine a wedding day and skydive, imagine what the wedding invite will look like

Skydive Near Me

Many places throughout the area could serve as the ideal backdrop for your marriage proposal. However, none can generate the level of excitement than skydiving South Africa skies.
You can look forward to seeing for kilometers around you during your descent, as well as unobstructed aerial views. Most skyscrapers remain in Pretoria, with nothing else blocking your gaze.
While the drop might give you cold feet, we guarantee that it’s hard to say no with the ground below. Let Skydiving Parys help your proposal.
Extreme Marriage Proposals 
Whether the idea of asking them to marry you forces your heart to race, or you see that as the simple part, we do our best to ensure you have a memorable proposal. 

Contact us today and begin planning when you ask for their trembling hand in marriage.
A Wedding day Rush with all your friends and family is bound to bring a smile and adrenaline to the celebration
Manners when proposing!
When it comes to getting engaged, the "anything goes" mentality does not work anymore. Some of the traditional ways can give some guidance to what manners are needed.

Today, there is no best way to propose and that leads to out of the box thinking and a skydive proposal definitely fits into that box.

Some rules apply:
Meet the parents.
Some people think that this is not important however there is nothing worse as a parent to find out that your child is engaged and you have not met the person that your child is getting married to! Asking approval might seem old fashioned but it is a sign of respect and regard.

On one knee
This tradition goes back to an era of knights and chivalry that evokes love and the true meaning of the engagement. If you think after your skydive you will be weak at the knees we can always arrange a chair.

Book with us today and secure your marriage proposal day

Skydive for Extreme Marriage Proposals

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