Skydiving Weddings

Skydiver weddings

Extreme Wedding Ideas. Weddings and skydiving go hand in hand. Add to the thrill of the day with a Tandem Skydive
Couples today have more choices in ceremonies than ever before. Why settle for the same boring church experience when there are so many extreme wedding ideas?
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Wedding Skydiver

Wedding skydivers are thrilled to be a part of a really special occasion. Skydiving to mark the wedding day is great feeling.

Skydive Weddings

One of the more thrilling choices that a couple could make is to host skydive weddings for themselves and their closest friends. And while it might sound a bit mad to get married while skydiving, it’s also a fast way to know if you two are right for each other.

Although the process isn’t as simple as rolling out of a moving air-plane, we assist you in covering all of your necessary details. Continue reading to discover a ceremony that outpaces anyone else’s.

Combine a wedding day and skydive, imagine what the wedding invite will look like

What to Expect

Even though it is your special day, we must be the ones to maintain its direction. We still need to adhere to strict safety guidelines such as the craft’s overall skydiving weight limit.
We can’t take anyone above 100 kg, and you must go through ground training first. If you already have an A license, we can simplify your needs.
We also have videographers who can leap with you, capturing every moment. Let Sky Diving Parys host your unique aerial wedding today.
A Wedding day Rush with all your friends and family is bound to bring a smile and adrenaline to the celebration

Extreme Weddings

When you are searching for a provider who can assist you with your sky diving wedding officiator, you can still rely on Skydiving Parys for your experience. In addition to the best value for skydiving deals for two, or for an entire wedding party, we take the extra precautions to keep everyone safer.

Cold feet or Jitter's

Wedding day jitters or cold feet takes on a new meaning when skydiving on your wedding day. The concept of leaving your partner at the alter can be very different on this day.

Motion pictures like "runaway bride-to-be" and also the recent news in the media concerning brides leaving their pending weddings has caught our attention. The root of the issue could be that it is too much, skydiving and getting married on the same day.

There are those that want to add to the excitement of the day with a skydive. This is the opposite end of the spectrum and can involve all ages and tandem skydiving. What ever you decide, it is sure to be a day full of wonder and excitement.

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Skydive for Extreme Weddings

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    Tandem Skydive with outside Camera man Video and Photo's

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