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Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.
For some thrill seekers, staying on land just isn’t enough to satisfy their needs. And while there are many extreme sports that one could enjoy, few provide the level of excitement as sky diving.
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Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.


Most people let the fear of the unknown prevent them from enjoying a trip out of a moving air-plane because they aren’t sure who to book their experience with out of the many local providers. And while you should use an experienced skydiver company, not all of them make it simple to learn more about them beforehand.
Skydiving Parys has continued offering fun, thrilling, and safe sky diving Parys residents and visitors prefer. More people know that they can enjoy a breathtaking, yet safer, trip into the friendly skies with experienced Skydiving Parys professionals and pilots.
Whether it’s only you leaping out or up to 40 jumpers on one visit, we remain the trusted choice each time. Contact us today and book your best sky diving Parys experience.
Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.


In addition to offering quality single-jumper instruction, Skydiving Parys has exciting tandem skydiver  packages as well. We pair you with an experienced tandem Parys skydiving instructor who stays with you the entire time.
Tandem jumps are an ideal choice as there is someone with a degree of expertise joining you on your trip. If you don’t react quickly enough, or there is an unexpected hiccup, it’s better to know you have help.
In addition to expert instructor assistance, we also offer video and photo packages as well to show the world your attempt at flight. You can enjoy an outside videographer who leaps alongside you, capturing every scream and thrilling second in the air.
When you and your group are left wondering what to do in Johannesburg, we provide the fastest way to see the region each time. We guarantee that you won’t find a more exciting way to sightsee anywhere else.
Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.


It may sound surprising, but many avid skydivers find the region to remain one of the ideal places to jump throughout the entire world. No matter where you need to drop out, from tandem skydiving in Johannesburg to one of the many surrounding communities, we can take you to more spots throughout the region.
Another reason why more people are booking with local skydiving Parys providers is that it remains a relatively affordable experience. We request an R500 security deposit, and you can enjoy any number of packages for your jump.
From a typical no-frills solo leap to thrilling group experience, we offer affordable tandem skydiving prices in South Africa and experienced crew members. Our highest priority remains an exciting, safe trip for all each time we take off.
When you need a memorable sky diving Parys experience, we ensure the highest quality for every guest. Enjoy your favourite new hobby with the best team around.

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First Skydive Johannesburg

While experience is among the safest way to enjoy your jump, everyone must start training somewhere. Your very first leap out of our plane, following an entire day of ground training, is a static line jump.
Although you won’t have an instructor connected to you, your parachute stays rigged to the air-plane through the use of the static line. Once your parachute hits a specific altitude, the cord releases and your pack catches your fall.
This course is intended for those still learning the ropes, and have not secured their A license yet. Your expenses include your ground school lessons, as well as a 12-month membership to PASA (Parachute Association of South Africa), and equipment fees.
Whether you’re making your way to becoming a world-class jumper or it’s an experience you’ve always wanted to try, we do our best to keep you safe at every step of the process. See why more people lately have discovered the thrills of sky diving Parys instructions.
  • Team Building Activities

    While you could go around the room practising trust falls, you could have your entire office jumping out of a moving air-plane a couple of kilometers up in the air. Many people agree that an experience that sends your heart racing can bring you closer to others, and we provide group activities and team building activities that won’t get forgotten.
    The entire country offers breathtaking views, but any jump over the Parys free state makes for an especially memorable trip. A skydive on the Vaal River is something that many locals and visitors look forward to, and your group will soon see why.
    How many times has a corporate outing or team building day done little more than leave you feeling bored? Managers continue using the same activities and tasks that they did a decade ago, and you can probably recite half of them from memory by now.
    Instead, we offer weekend group rates for up to 40 guests, as well as typical weekday jumps for a minimum of six members. No matter how large of a group that you might have, we guarantee a better choice for skydiving Gauteng and beyond.



    Tandem Skydive with Video and Photo's
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    Tandem Skydive with outside Camera man Video and Photo's

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    Tandem Skydive Deluxe Package, Includes outside Camera man and Instructor Video and Photo's
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Adrenaline-fueled rush

About Our Services
When you book your experience through us, it means a safe, reliable leap every day. Our pilot flies an Apollo T turbine aircraft for many customers, which allows us to take three tandem jumpers at once.
We also use two other aircrafts based on other factors, usually the number of people in one group, as well as altitude needs. You can purchase two different sports packages, one that has you leap from 5,000 feet, and a more advanced jump of 11,000.
To ensure you qualify, we have a weight cap of 100 kg per customer, or 220 pounds. That is to provide the flight safety of everyone on board, as an overloaded plane remains a hazardous one.
For most groups, we take two or three tandem leapers up at a time, making for a safer experience for all. We also require at least 48 hours in advance before your scheduled jump to prepare.

Also check out our team building activities.
Can I Jump Alone?
We understand that skydiving is often a solo adventure for many. While during the weekday schedule we insist on up to six party members at a time, on the weekends, we can accommodate single jumpers as well.
Whether you prefer to take a tandem jump or a feel truly alone as you free fall, we can accommodate most requests. This can give you a hakuna matata feeling! Please note that your activities still require an R500 deposit, while some packages might require payment in full first.
When you find yourself wondering what to do in Pretoria that is fun for one person to enjoy, we make any solo trip a memorable one. Before you settle for the same capital city tours that you have been on time and again, we provide something new to experience.
We can help you in deciding if skydiving in Pretoria is right for your preferences, or to learn more about our group rates. And if we encounter a reason that prevents us from taking off, we will gladly reschedule you without a second deposit.
Is Skydiving Dangerous?
When someone has never attempted a jump before, it likely looks like insanity to leap out of a perfectly good air-plane. However, tandem skydiving is surprisingly safe compared to other outdoor activities.
Diving through the sky is statistically safer than SCUBA tanks and fins, and we make everyone take an introductory safety course before taking them up. Even if you remain an experienced jumper, we still strive for the highest safety possible for any group.
While you can never guarantee that everything will go off without a hitch, you stay in the best hands possible when you book through us. Our experienced tandem jumping instructors know what to do in any scenario, and our guests are our highest priority.
Although every recreational activity has its risks, skydiving remains among the safer options you could pick for your trip. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled rush or something new and exciting to try, we are indeed worth your consideration.

Skydiving near me
Our staff takes locals and tourists alike, but everyone enjoys uninterrupted views of the country on their way down. The only difference is where you want to leap out over, weather and safety permitting.
Why sit on a cramped tour bus all day long when we you can enjoy plenty of personal space up in the air? Even though you may have someone strapped to your back, you won’t believe how much you can see below.
There is no way to beat the unobstructed views that you can enjoy thousands of feet above in the clear skies, and we help you see them all. Make sure that you sign up for images and video recording during your jump for the best way to see:

• Parys
• Centurion
• Johannesburg
• Midrand
• Pretoria
• Sandton
• Gauteng
• Randburg
The Vaal River
• And more communities throughout South Africa.

You’ll be able to see for kilometers around as you decent, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the region that you won’t find anywhere else. When you need the ultimate sightseeing trip, we make it simple to see it all.

  • Book Your Jump Today
    Some people jump once just to cross it off of their bucket list, while others wind up taking dozens of leaps every year. No matter what level of leaping skill may remain or why you’ve signed up, we can’t wait to have you experience skydiving with our instructors.
    Although you have many options for sightseeing and outdoor recreation, few provide the level of excitement as your upcoming skydiving Parys adventure. Choose Skydiving Parys today and experience the intensity of skydiving for your travel party.
Skydiving nearJohannesburg
Some essential factors to consider when you pick your skydiving center, especially if it is your first jump. If you are skydiving in Gauteng, you can feel confident in making an easy decision with Skydiving Parys. That is because Parys Skydiving has the best instructor's in the area. When you are considering your first tandem skydive you really want experienced tandem jumpers and people that you can get along with.

When skydiving you want to keep in kind the compliance with regulations. This is ultimately for your enjoyment. Your first choice for skydiving and a fantastic experience is Skydiving Parys. Your first tandem skydive should be with us.

We do new and first Tandem Skydives all the time. Your beginner ability is our responsibility and we do this well. You can just relax and let us guide you to a ground rush adventure. Your delight in skydiving will be a reward for both of us. Your Tandem jump master will be responsible for things like altitude checking and pulling the parachute cord. Your Tandem jump master will be tied to your back and will be in a great position to take an adrenaline filled video while you free fall.

Serious skydivers can think about taking skydiving refresher jumps with us. There are enough jumps most days to fit in with your schedule. We also offer advanced skydiving lessons.
Tandem Skydiving - Important information

With parental consent you can skydive from the age of 14. If you do have consent then you can skydive from the age of 18.
for 24 hours before you jump, do not go scuba diving. There is a risk of decompression sickness.

Do not mix alcohol and Skydiving. That means don't drink alcohol before jumping. If you are under alcohol influence you cant jump with us.

Sometimes the wind blows or these are excessive clouds, this will prevent us from jumping. When this happens we will try to reschedule your jump.

Our weight limit is 95kg. That said we do have some instructors that are willing to jump an excess of 95kg which does effect an extra charge. Ask to have a look at our terms and conditions.

Those clothes that you wear as you arrive will be the same clothes you jump with. we recommend long pants, t-shirt and light running shoes. On colder days wear an extra layer or two. No open shoes or high heel's.
Is Tandem Skydiving safe?
Skydiving as a sport has come a long way and evolved over many years. Tandem Skydiving is a standard method for training first time skydivers. Tandem means that you and your instructor are attached together. The gear you use is designed for two people. A tandem instructor has been through a training program that has a rating that must be achieved and is in line with international standards. The gear that the skydive outfitter uses also has a standard and is subject to continuous testing. This is fantastic news for a first time skydiver. We should also mention that the instructor has the same interest as you when the subject of landing safely come up.

When talking about safety statistics, Tandem Skydiving has a very strong case. The fatality rate is only 0.003 per thousand jumps over the last ten years. That number is decreasing!
you getting struck by lightning or winning on the lottery is more likely. The most dangerous part of the day is probably the drive to the drop-zone.
Parachuting or as it is better known "Tandem Skydiving" is a kind of skydive.

This type of skydiving means that the student or novice is connected to the tandem instructor via a harness. This allows the instructor to help and instruct the student through the skydiving phases.

The phases include plane exit, free-fall to terminal velocity, canopy piloting, and then finally landing.
Tandem Skydiving is for all above the age of 18

How old do you have to be to do a tandem skydive?

When you are between the ages of 16 and 18 you require parent or guardian authorisation and consent. Tandem skydiving has no age limit. Some courses have a maximum age limit and so you will need to enquire about those. We will always recommend a tandem jump except for those who want to become instructors on one of our courses.
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