Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydive Parys

Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.
While you may have considered trying a skydiver service in the past, you have allowed fear from stopping you from signing up. Whether you felt that the skydiving prices were too high, or safety was a concern, you still haven’t attempted a jump yet.
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Tandem Skydiving

Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.

Tandem Skydive

What you might not have considered attempting, however, was giving tandem skydiving a try. As a safer alternative, you can enjoy a seasoned instructor who stays with you throughout all stages of your jump.
At Skydiving Parys, we provide several parachuting packages to continue offering the best skydiving near Johannesburg every day. In addition to standard leaps, we offer safe and affordable tandem skydiving as well, ensuring everyone has the chance to enjoy their new favourite hobby.
When you need a reliable source for skydiving, South Africa turns to us each time. Contact us today and discuss your upcoming jump.

Skydiving Parys

The greater Parys community remains an active group of residents who rarely shy away from thrills and adventure. You can see many different forms of extreme sports, as well as ways of enjoying the region’s natural beauty.
Once you’re done taking tours of the city, we show you a side that not everyone sees. Our experienced skydivers take you on a breathtaking journey, including about four minutes of gracefully piloting your chute back to the ground.
Whether you are here visiting on holiday or looking for a new and exciting way to see your town, we provide the fastest ways to fly each time. No matter your level of skills, we have an affordable skydiving package ready for you.
See why typical city tours can’t compare with the way we show our guests around. Schedule your tandem skydiving jump with us today. We, from time to time also have tandem skydiving from Gauteng

Skydiving feeling

Tandem skydiving is a superb way to experience this popular extreme sport. You might have some anxieties about sky diving. One misconception is that you can not breathe while you're totally free dropping. That is absolutely not true, or else jumpers would not be conscious when they got to the ground. Another fear is that your chute won't open up. Due to the fact that student chutes are generally much safer than other chutes, this isn't a reasonable concern. In addition, many chutes now are set up with automatic opening devices, so your parachute should not be a worry. Regardless of these statements many still stress over the safety and security of sky diving. Tandem sky diving is an exceptional way to experience the sporting activity. Rest assured there are many that have taken their first Tandem Skydive with us.

Tandem is one of one of the most popular ways of experiencing a first time skydive. On arrival you will have about half an hour of introduction and training. During those thirty minutes, you meet the instructors that you will be jumping with. They also watch educational video clips about the jump, go over safety and security, and also fit the equipment you will be making use of. In addition, you find out just how to leave the aircraft, just how to be positioned during the jump, as well as what to do in regards to body placement throughout the touchdown cycle.

After the training session, tandem pupils and also instructors board the plane for the fifteen to twenty minute trip to the drop area. When the time comes, trainers as well as students leave the airplane. Free fall lasts up to a maximum of 2 minutes. As soon as the chute finally opens up, the gentle glide back to earth lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Periodically, your jump master will allow you to assist guide the chute to the touchdown area. This helps you obtain the feel of the chute. It likewise assists you in the wish to continue your sky diving. Sky diving is a relatively harmful sporting activity. Tandem sky diving is a fantastic means for novices to experience the sport.
Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.

Tandem Skydiving Gauteng

Skydiving with an experienced team is the ideal way to put safety first. And when you enjoy a tandem skydiving adventure, it keeps you better protected in the end.
Modern tandem jumping uses a primary parachute that gets deployed immediately after leaving the aircraft. That will slow you down a bit, allowing you additional time to take in the sights, as well as ensure that the last parachute goes out correctly.
Even if something does go wrong, you will have a veteran skydiving expert strapped to your rear, ready to step in and make the situation right. Tandem jumps remain the safer way to experience the joy of skydiving without worrying the entire way down.
Our tandem jump packages remain the best way to see the surrounding area, thousands of feet up in the air. To learn more about our tandem skydiving packages, contact us today.

Why Tandem Skydiving?

There are a shocking number of ways for a person to enjoy leaping out of an airplane, so why go for tandem sessions? Either jumpers don’t have much time, they know that skydiving isn’t a repeated recreational choice or because it makes them feel safer, tandem jumps stay the preferred choice for many.
Tandem skydiving requires the least amount of preparation for guests. Since you are not the one in control of the parachute, most leapers only need half an hour before they are good to go.
Our veteran instructors take care of the rest, and all you need to do is enjoy the fall for the next 45 seconds to one minute. Then it’s a gentle ride back to the ground, and you’ve safely completed your first skydiving experience.
Even seasoned jumpers still prefer the safety and security of tandem jumping, and no one helps you enjoy your descent more than us. Call now and hear more about your tandem skydiving experience.

What is it like?

Picture of Tandem Skydiving out of an aeroplane. A Skydiver that is certified to tandem skydive will strap you in and give you the experience of the skydiving thrill. This picture was taken in Parys, South Africa.

Skydiving Vaal

The Vaal River is among the most well-known natural landmarks in the area, and it lends itself to many exciting community events throughout the year as well. However, unless you see it from above, you haven’t truly experienced all of its beauty.
Although its name translates to mean “dull”, it remains among the most important waterways in the area. And once it’s teeming with yachts for the annual regatta, or swimmers enjoying the afternoon, you’ll see why it stays a vital part of the region.
Up above, you’ll see it stretch and get redirected through dams along the shore. Once you land, you might have to refresh yourself with a dip.
No matter which side you wind up on, the river shows its charm quickly. Contact us for a memorable tandem jump and unobstructed aerial views.

The Tandem Difference

Beginners have several options to experience skydiving, although most choose tandem jumps. Even static line leaps require several hours of ground training before we can take you up into the air.
Accelerated Freefall (AFF) jumps also require a significant amount of instruction, even though you are jumping out with others. And anything more intense than these two introductory courses needs lots of experience on your end to ensure your absolute safety.
Instead, our tandem skydiving packages remain the fastest way to experience your jump. It requires little preparation and keeps you in constant contact with one of our many experienced instructors.
If the idea of skydiving has remained too dangerous an idea for you to pursue, we can easily keep your mind at ease. See why more people turn to tandem skydiving for their most thrilling aerial adventures.
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Whether you’ve completed hundreds of skydiving jumps before, or you have never even touched a parachute, we always have the ideal packages for your group to choose. Tandem leaps have remained the preferred choice for skydivers of all ages and skill sets, providing a better way to enjoy the activity.
In as few as 30 minutes, you could be fully prepared to take your first plunge over the beautiful Parys area. We guarantee that you won’t find a better way to see the region than choosing our team.
Why settle for the same city tour programs when we offer a more thrilling way to travel? Contact Parys Tandem Skydiving for skydiving South Africa.

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